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$2 1\2 Liberty Head Gold

 $5 Liberty Head Half Eagle Gold

 $10 Liberty Head Half Eagle Gold

 $20 Liberty Head Half Eagle Gold

$2 1\2 Indian Head Gold

$5 Indian Head Half Eagle Gold

$10 Indian Head  Gold Eagle

$2 1\2 Classic Head Gold

$5 Turban Head Small Eagle

$20 Saint-Gaudens Walking

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       Thank you, for your interest in my site. My name is Denis Shmelev.  I am glad to offer the rare US gold and silver coins by competitive price and FREE Coin Sets from the Russian pawn shops.

Among wide variety of the rare things we buy there is enormous amount of rare coins from all over the world especially the gold and silver ones.

The price for each thing which Russian pawn shops pay to the clients is 30-50% of its market price. The foreign coins do not present great numismatic value in Russia . Rare numismatists pay the price which insignificantly exceeds the coin`s gold or silver content.

The price of one ounce of silver in Russia is $9, one ounce of gold is $830.

All the coins even the rare ones are bought by the pawn shops proceeding from the market price of the gram of the silver or gold (30-50%). Example: The price which we give to the client for the Morgan Dollar independently of its date of issue is $3 for one coin, $10 Indian Head Gold Eagle is $150-160 for coin, etc.

After that, as to us, the coins are fused and sold as bullions to the jewelers at the cost of 70-80% of the market price of the silver (gold).

I realize perfectly that this is the blasphemy with respect to the heritage of the foreign countries. But there is no choice - practically nobody needs them as the numismatic goods.

Proceeding from the Russian and worldwide market prices of the silver and gold I am glad to offer the rare gold and silver coins (especially from the USA) at the price of their silver (gold) weight (Russian price) with small markup.

At present, I actively buy up the rare gold and silver coins from the Russian pawn shops taking into account that the purchase price will be profitable for the foreign clients and the sale price will be profitable for me.



All the coins are only in uncirculated or in very fine condition. Damaged or scratched coins are not considered.




The coins and their amount you can see on this site grow each day. Therefore please do not worry that somebody buys the coins you want to acquire, you can order them directly from the site.

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